Caution: Translations of Quran and Ḥadīth may lead to possible misapplications and misinterpretations. This site is intended for students of sacred knowledge that are proficient in comprehending classical Arabic and have a strong foundation in Islamic sciences. Also note that religious injunctions rely on several aspects beyond what one may glean through reading individual aḥādīth.

Our Lord, make us not ˹objects of˺ torment for the disbelievers and forgive us, our Lord. Indeed, it is You who is the Exalted in Might, the Wise."  

Our Lord, do not make us a cause of beguilement for those who disbelieve, that is to say, do not make them prevail over us, lest they think that they are following the truth and are beguiled as a result, in other words, ˹lest˺ they lose their reason because of us; and forgive us. Our Lord, You are indeed the Mighty, the Wise’, in Your kingdom and Your actions.

رَبَّنَا لَا تَجْعَلْنَا فِتْنَةً لِلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا وَاغْفِرْ لَنَا رَبَّنَا ۖ إِنَّكَ أَنْتَ الْعَزِيزُ الْحَكِيمُ  

{ربنا لا تجعلنا فتنة للذين كفروا} أي لا تظهرهم علينا فيظنوا أنهم على الحق فيفتنوا أي تذهب عقولهم بنا {واغفر لنا ربنا إنك أنت العزيز الحكيم} في ملكك وصنعك.