New Muslim Quickstart Guide

Setting the right tone to get you started on a strong footing

Thu Feb 22 2024

Who are the Sabians?

From the Tafsīr of Ibn ʿĀshūr

Mon Jan 29 2024

ʿAqīdah al-Ṭaḥāwiyyah for Kids

Allah ﷻ and His Attributes

Fri Sep 22 2023

Sūrat al-Muddaththir Āyah 74:6

A detailed explanation in Tafsīr al-Qurṭubī of Sūrat al-Muddaththir Āyah 74:6

Thu Sep 07 2023

Fiqh of Tarāwiḥ, al-Mughnī by Ibn Qudāmah

Excerpt from al-Mughnī by Ibn Qudāmah (Incomplete)

Sat Apr 01 2023

Miracle of the Moon Split, Commentary by Ibn Ḥajar

Ṣaḥīḥ Bukhārī and its Commentary by Ḥāfiẓ b. Ḥajar in Fatḥ al-Bārī on the Miracle of the Moon Split

Sun Jan 01 2023

Suyūṭī's Summary of ʿAqīdah from His Kitāb al-Nuqāyah

Section Excerpt on ʿAqīdah from Imām Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī's Book "Kitāb al-Nuqāyah"

Thu Dec 01 2022

Aḥādīth About Zaynab b. Jaḥsh's Marriage to the Prophet ﷺ

Excerpt from al-Durr al-Manthūr by Suyūṭī for Sūrat al-Aḥzāb, āyah 33:36-38

Tue Nov 01 2022

Someone to Blame for the Fitnah in Early Islamic History

Regarding the fitnah (tribulations) faced by Muslims in the early history of Islam

Wed Oct 05 2022

Yaʾjūj Maʾjūj (Gog and Magog) Part 1

Transcript of Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's YouTube video entitled: "Understanding The Traditions of The Signs of Judgement Day, Episode 6, Ya'juj And Ma'juj"

Sat Oct 01 2022

Names of the Prophets and Their Lineage

An excerpt from Ṭabaqāt al-Kubrá by Ibn Saʿd (230 AH)

Thu Sep 01 2022

Fiqh and History of Tarāwīḥ

Transcript of Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's YouTube video entitled, "Some History of the Tarawīh Prayer & Its Fiqh" (Incomplete)

Sun May 01 2022

Speaking Arabic by J. Elihay

A key approach to break your Arabic language barrier

Wed May 27 2020

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Wed Jan 01 2020